Date: Tue, 1 Nov 1994 21:54:06 CST From: salikoko mufwene Subject: Re: offending idioms In Message Tue, 1 Nov 1994 14:10:36 PST, "Jim Ague, ague[AT SYMBOL GOES HERE], Col Spgs, CO" writes: >While here, he received his US citizenship, and of course considered himself a >true African-American, born in one, naturalized in the other. The twist to the >story is that Darryl, and Mattie, were descendants of British Colonialists that >had settled in in Northern Rhodesia several generations ago. I did not know that in proposing that "African American" be used instead of "Black American" the intention was to appropriate "African" for 'black' only! The bottom line in this pseudo-intellectual insanity is: why should you care how a particular group or subset thereof wants to be identified? Who is trying to legislate language here: the user/speaker or the linguist? Sali. Salikoko S. Mufwene University of Chicago Dept. of Linguistics 1010 East 59th Street Chicago, IL 60637 s-mufwene[AT SYMBOL GOES HERE] 312-702-8531; fax: 312-702-9861