Date: Tue, 1 Nov 1994 18:25:51 -0800 From: Birrell Walsh Subject: NEW: POS302-L - Race/Ethnicity Book Review List (fwd) OK, folks - you know who you are! Go get 'em ---------- Forwarded message ---------- Date: Tue, 1 Nov 1994 15:58:44 CST From: Gary Klass To: Multiple recipients of list NEW-LIST Subject: NEW: POS302-L - Race/Ethnicity Book Review List POS302-L on listserv[AT SYMBOL GOES HERE] POS302-L is a discussion list constructed for the Race, Ethnicity and Social Inequality seminar to be held for the second time this Spring (1995) at Illinois State University. Subscription to the list is open to all faculty and students at any University or College. The discussion on the list consists of book reviews and commentaries on book reviews submitted by the subscribers. Subscribers will receive a "welcome" message indicating a schedule for each of the twenty-seven books on the reading list. Reviews of other related books are also welcome. To subscribe to POS302-L send a message to listserv[AT SYMBOL GOES HERE] with the following command in the body: SUBSCRIBE POS302-L Your Name Note: listserv[AT SYMBOL GOES HERE] identifies itself as UNIX ListServer 6.0 and is not an L-Soft LISTSERV of the same name. All the previous POS302-L reviews are archived on the gopher under: /Information about Colleges and Departments /Department of Political Science/COURSES/POS302-L. (or Path=1/depts/polisci/COURSES/POS302) The new books on the list for the Spring 1995 semester are: * Thomas Sowell, RACE AND CULTURE: A WORLD * James Crawford, HOLD YOUR TONGUE * Ruth Sidel, BATTLING BIAS * Dana Takagi, THE RETREAT FROM RACE * Stephen CORNELL, THE RETURN OF THE NATIVE * Vine Deloria and Clifford M. Lytle, THE NATIONS WITHIN * Nathan McCall, MAKES ME WANNA HOLLER * Ellis Cose, THE RAGE OF A PRIVILEGED CLASS * Mitchell Duneier, SLIM'S TABLE * Ruth Frankenberg, WHITE WOMEN, RACE MATTERS * Douglas S. Massey and Nancy Denton, AMERICAN APARTHEID * Robert D. Bullard, ed., UNEQUAL PROTECTION * Jared Taylor, PAVED WITH GOOD INTENTIONS * R. Feagin and Melvin P. Sikes, LIVING WITH RACISM Owner: Gary Klass gmklass[AT SYMBOL GOES HERE] Associate Professor (309) 438-7852 4600 Political Science (fax) 438-5310 Illinois State University Normal, Illinois 61790-4600 --------------------------------------------------------------------- DISCLAIMER: NEW-LIST announcements are edited from information provided by the original submitter. We do NOT verify the technical accuracy nor any claims made in the announcements nor do we necessarily agree with them. We do not warranty or guarantee any services which might be announced - use at your own risk. For more information send e-mail to LISTSERV[AT SYMBOL GOES HERE]VM1.NoDak.EDU with the command GET NEW-LIST README in the body. mgh