Date: Tue, 30 Nov 1993 12:15:11 CST From: Mike Picone Subject: sh/zh > In any case, the situation with th/dh pairs is a lot more robust that what >we find with sh/zh (voiceless/voiced palatal fricatives). The best I've ever >come up with here is Confucian/confusion, while other would-be pairs involve >either proper names invoked for the occasion (Asher/azure), marginal instances >of productive word-formation (mesher/measure), or near-minimal pairs that >don't quite get there (pressure/pleasure, thresher/treasure). Can anybody do >better? >Larry Horn For some, like me, in normal speech _fission_ and _fishing_ would constitute a minimal pair, as in "nuclear fission" |+voice| and "I'm goin' fishin'" |-voice|. This will not work, of course, for those who have either the voiceless version of _fission_ or who maintian either |i| or a word-final velar nasal as elements of participial <-ing>. Mike Picone U Alabama