Date: Mon, 29 Nov 1993 18:11:29 -0800 From: Donald Livingston Subject: Re: Language variation Granted that the article that appeared in The Washington Post was embarassing by educated standards. As one of those quoted, I imagine I might have the right to be embarassed or offended. But take a look at the article immediately preceding the one under discusiion (it's in the Why_Things_Are section): "Why do objects appear smaller the farther we move from them?" Some nerds will tell you that the apparent size of objects is a function of straight-line geometry ... But ignore all that. These are the '90s, an age of heroic action and positive thinking. The new rule is, when objects recede they don't get smaller -- YOU GET BIGGER. Though people will, doubtlessly, take the regional accent section more seriously, I somehow can't find it in my heart to be too horrified, embarassed, or offended. All the best, Don. ----------------------------------------------------------------------- Don Livingston (Graduate Student) 4500 Whitman Ave. North #2 Dept. Slav. Lang. & Lit., DP-32 Seattle, WA 98103 University of Washington Phone/Fax (206) 634-1539 Seattle, WA 98195