Date: Mon, 29 Nov 1993 19:48:28 -0600 From: Tim Frazer Subject: Re: Rock'n Roll On Mon, 29 Nov 1993, chi-wen wrote: > Hello, > > I am an international student at UT and have been in the United > States for one and a half years. Since American English is not my native > tongue, I can not understand quite well some words American people use in thei > daily life. For example, one guy on my class project team always says, > "Rock'n roll!" It seems that he uses this phrase whenever he thinks > something is great or right. Could anybody out there tell me what he > really means? Does this phrase have something to do with the Rock & Roll > Music? Where does it come from? Any comments would be appreciated. > > Sheila Wang > University of Tennessee, Knoxville > Department of Advertising > E-Mail: wang[AT SYMBOL GOES HERE] > Is he saying "right on?"