Date: Mon, 29 Nov 1993 12:01:00 EST From: "Dennis.Preston" <22709MGR[AT SYMBOL GOES HERE]MSU.BITNET> Subject: Re: egg-aig, and dialect diversi Bill, My turkey was OK, but I still do not think that the way to inform the media in the case of technical information is by collecting random responses from a network (even if it professionally oriented) and let the journalist take pot luck at the responses. On the other matters, I agree with you entirely. I doubt if even in such cases as the dragonfly and cottage cheese sets we are dealing with real media influence, and your clarification of some of what Ellen Dissertation shows backs my earlier claim (I believe) that there is nearly as much variation out there now as there was 50 yers ago (albeit, of course, in different areas of the vocabulary and constrained by factors other than regionalism). Turkey leftovers tonight. Best, Dennis (Damn! Forgot if this is to you are the whole network. Sending it anyhow since it contains no dirty laundry I can remember.)