Date: Mon, 22 Nov 1993 10:20:57 -700 From: Keith Russell Subject: Re: song On Tue, 16 Nov 1993, Donald M. Lance wrote: > Doesn't 'south' collocate with 'down' and 'north' with 'up' in general? > Would any of you ever say "up south" or "down north"? > We use 'out' with 'east' and 'west', and 'down' with 'east'. We wouldn't > say "out north" or "out south" or "down west", would we? > These seem to me to be set expressions, and certainly mapping practices > contribute to these uses, but map directions don't explain "down east". > DMLance I agree with you on 'down' and 'up.' 'Out west' is also fine, but 'out east/north/south' and 'down west/east/north' are not. 'Back east,' however, is fine. Keith Russell