Date: Sun, 30 Nov 1997 05:19:29 -0500

From: "Barry A. Popik" Bapopik[AT SYMBOL GOES HERE]AOL.COM

Subject: G-String; Melon Head; Ward Heeler


I have a nice "G-String" cartoon in my files.

It's from the Seattle Times, 9 July 1909, pg. 7, cols. 2-4, called "THE

DICTATOR OF IGORROTE FASHIONS." (Seattle Fair) President Chilberg is holding

out pants and saying, "HERE. BE DECENT." An "IGORROTE VILLAGE" is shown. A

native is up a tree, wearing only a "POCKET HAT" and a "6 STRING."

I looked closely at that. It says "6 STRING," not "G STRING."

My copy cuts off the article. The Seattle Post-Intelligencer must also

be checked for the same story. The Times's story is this:



Management of Village Says

If Worse Comes to Worst

Part of Settlement Will Be Immune.

THE management of the Igorrote Village is congratulating itself that

should worse come to worst and the threatened "pants" edict be promulgated by

the exposition directorate, there are at least ten memebers of the tribe that

are immune.

Richard Schneidewind holds that the feminine side of the village cannot

rightly be brought within the meaning of the ruling. To be sure, Madame

Igorrote does not go heavily on more than one layer of clothing, but what she

does use is enough for all Igorrote purposes and the widest stretch of

Filipino sensibilities cannot possibly create a necessity for added


"Besides," says Mr. Schneidewind, "the Igorrote woman has not gone so

high in the scale of civilization, that she desires to wear them. If pants

must be worn in this village, the women are quite content to grant the

privilege exclusively to their men folks, and this goes both figuratively and

literally, We have weaverettes, and workerettes, and cigarettes, but there

is not a suffragette in the village.

"Bring on the pants if you have to; we will try to make the worst of


(Copy cut off-ed.)