Date: Thu, 27 Nov 1997 13:00:02 -0600

From: Thomas Creswell creswell[AT SYMBOL GOES HERE]CROWN.NET

Subject: Re: Re : 'Secret Languages'

Muhammed Suleiman wrote:

Dear List Members,

I am doing some research at the moment into what we can call variously

'Secret Languages' or 'Language Games'. By this I mean languages similar to

Pig Latin or Back Slang where the syllables of a word are mixed up, or

where an extra syllable is added to each of the original syllables of a

word, in order to prevent others from understanding. These 'languages' are

usually, but not exclusively, used by children and/or youths.

I would be very grateful if my fellow list-members could give examples,

with details, of any such languages they mow use or used as children.

Many thanks in advance, and all of you out there, have a happy



Dr M. Suleiman

I am afraid that my childhood was not very inventive of secret

languages. I remember only the ordinary and very common pig latin, and,

at a later stage (pre-teen or early teen) the Murph language. In the

murph language, the syllable "murph" was inserted in each syllable by

first sounding the vowel of the syllable, inserting "murph," and then

repeating the vowel sound. Thus:

ImurphI amurpham remurphespomurphondiumrphing tomurpho youmurphour


Tom Creswell