Date: Sat, 22 Nov 1997 12:19:41 -0700

From: Andrew & Diane Lillie diandy[AT SYMBOL GOES HERE]BYU.EDU

Subject: Help needed in the Ukraine

I received this request from Karen Scott, who found the ADS webpage.


I have had a request for information on Black American Dialect, language

structure, and Ebonics, from the Language College in the Ukraine. This

request comes via a friend from Alaska who is working over there as a

Nurse. Can you help?

I am well out of my depth here in Canada. I know about Ebonics and the

contravery about it, but don't know the details. Please respond to the

address above, or should they write you direct, please help. They don't

have access to the web, only Email.

Karen Scott


Anyone who might be able to help, e-mail Karen Scott at jkscott[AT SYMBOL GOES HERE]

or her friend at marilyne[AT SYMBOL GOES HERE]