Date: Mon, 17 Nov 1997 09:02:26 -0500


Subject: Re: Posts from non-professionals

Daniel Long and others: I have the same "reply" question that long asks

about below: didn't realize it until I recently sent a reply on the doubl

negative discussion which never showed up on the list. I find now that it

was accidentallys ent ot an individual.

P.S. A technical question: Anyone know why the "reply" button on my

computer works differently for postings from Alan Baragona than from

other people? If I push "reply", the email goes to him rather than the

list. For most other posters, the "reply" button starts an email back

to the list. I mention this because if this is true for other posters, I

(and other people) may have been inadvertantly sending things just to

individuals that we thought we were posting to the list.


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