Date: Mon, 10 Nov 1997 16:06:24 -0500

From: Jim Crotty Monkmag[AT SYMBOL GOES HERE]AOL.COM

Subject: Re: NEW TOPIC: Slang in the Movies!

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Jim, how do you define slang? As a Minnesotan, I found nothing in

"Fargo" which suggested a distinctive slang (except, perhaps, "you

bet"). Aren't you talking about dialect--both accent and, to a lesser

degree, lexicon? Come to think of it, "you bet" has been used as long

as I can remember (and that's a _long_ time), which suggests it's not

slang, i.e., it's not ephemeral, age-graded, etc. The same goes for

"real well," "pretty good," etc. These are indeed part of the regional

vernacular, i.e., dialect.

Yah, you betcha there.... See, I was talkin' slang in a very broad sense. So,

okay, dialect would be okay too then. The whole kit and kaboodle. Slang,

dialect, vernacular, idioms, what have you and whatnot.

Okay then.

Jim Crotty

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