Date: Sun, 9 Nov 1997 23:51:15 -0500

From: Jim Crotty Monkmag[AT SYMBOL GOES HERE]AOL.COM

Subject: NEW TOPIC: Slang in the Movies!

ear Thomas:

After I returned from my tour for How To Talk American, doing the equivalent

of a vernacular stand-up routine in ten different cities, I had one

overriding observation: slang comes to life for people through movies. If

it's in the movies, it's easy to remember. It sticks in the ole "Gulliver."

For instance, all my Fargo stuff was received real well. To wit--what would

you folks say are the five or ten greatest American slang movies of recent

years? Fargo, Clueless come to mind. Any others?

I'm trying to put together a list, which I will post on I need

great American slang movies and key terms/expressions which came from each.

Yours in the slanguistic dharma,

Jim Crotty

Author, How To Talk American