Date: Thu, 6 Nov 1997 10:45:33 -0500


Subject: Reflexives

elisa vazquez iglesias iaevi[AT SYMBOL GOES HERE]USC.ES asks:

Could you say "Shall I fix yourself a sandwich?"?[1] What about "Shall

I fix himself a sandwich?"?[2] Do you find any grammatical difference

between these two sentences?[3]

1: NO!!!!

2: NO!!!!

3: NO!!!! They're both HORRIBLE!!!!

... except, for #2, in a usage that you're probably not thinking

about, which I believe has been discussed here, in which "himself" is

used with no reflexive sense to refer to the Man of the House. I think of it

as having an Irish flavor, but no doubt I will be corrected by the more

knowledgeable. This usage is no part of my speech, which is why it is

irrelevant to my answer #2.

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