Date: Mon, 3 Nov 1997 02:25:54 -0500

From: Jim Crotty Monkmag[AT SYMBOL GOES HERE]AOL.COM

Subject: Re: reflexives

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In response to the request for information concerning dialect differences

and reflexives, I can say that I've certainly found people from my region

(Memphis) and maybe from the South in general to use reflexives in more

contexts and sometimes in more forms than people from other regions of

this country. I myself frequently say things like "Get you some," "I'm

gon eat me a ton of X tonight," or "Order you whatever you want," where

speakers of a different dialect might not have a reflexive at all or else

might have yourself or myself instead of me or you. These are my

perceptions, but I don't know of any references on the subject.

Carrie Leigh Crockett

Sociolinguistics, Georgetown


I have noticed this too.... Michael Lane, a southerner from Arkansas, might

say, "fix you some greens?" Is that what you mean? Since I am not a trained

linguist, I am interested in knowing how you define a reflexive. Any short

answers on that subject appreciated.