Date: Sat, 1 Nov 1997 22:56:24 +0000

From: Lynne Murphy M_Lynne_Murphy[AT SYMBOL GOES HERE]BAYLOR.EDU

Subject: Re: thank you . . . thank you

Monkmag wrote:

Lost your last missive to me, Lynn.

Just giving you a hard time. Yes, banal banter drives me nuts too. Unless, of

course, I am the one who wants to engage in banal banter. Don't make like or

dislike, as the Zen patriarchs seem to indicate, is probably the best

solution. Since the more we cling to our need for silence and privacy, the

more the world wants to invade.


well, thanks for the hard time. even if i bitch about it, i do like

attention. ah, the contrary nature of life. (it ain't for nothin' that

my specialty is antonyms.)




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