Date: Tue, 28 Nov 1995 13:24:50 EST


Subject: blonded?

Participial adjective of the week, from opener of an article in today's Times

(11/28/95, B6) about a Long Island real estate lawyer whose controversial ads

in mortgage-banking trade newspapers picture her stretched out across her desk

chewing on a pencil over the copy "Does this firm have a reputation? You bet

it does" and in similarly seductive poses:

'Rosalie Osias's blonded hair spills out of a white cowboy hat, cascading down

her shoulders. Holding a big fat cigar, she is wearing a blazer with the

sleeves rolled up to her elbows, a skirt the size of a legal pad and spiked

heels that would unnerve Sam Spade.'

Blonded hair? Is this a new euphemism for bleached, bleach-blond, peroxided,

etc.? Is 'blonde' attested elsewhere as a verb? How about other citations

of the adjective? Inquiring minds want to know.