Date: Sat, 25 Nov 1995 23:02:49 -0800

From: Rima & Kim McKinzey rkm[AT SYMBOL GOES HERE]SLIP.NET

Subject: Re: The Automat

It was heaven. In 1960 (I was 9) for 15 cents I could (and did, grossing

out parents and sibling) have cherry pie for breakfast, lunch, and dinner.

Way cool. Happy Thanksgiving

I, too, have wonderful memories of the automat and was sorry to see them

close (although I haven't lived in NY for years). Growing up in a kosher

household, my mother (NEVER my father) would take me to the H&H

occasionally for lunch. Not being allowed to get any of the meat dishes, I

would only get vegetables on the cafeteria line. I was probably the only

8-10 year old who would get a plate of pickled beets, creamed corn, and

whatever other vegetable was being offered that day. The beets and corn

were a particular treat since I never had them at home. And then came

cherry pie. And cold milk out of those wonderful brass spigots. I can

still see and nearly taste it all so clearly. Yum.

Happy Thanksgiving to everybody. A holiday that revolves around food,

friends, and family - with almost no religious overtones. Works for me.