Date: Wed, 22 Nov 1995 20:29:31 -0500


Subject: Re: PC Language

Historical and other corrections: the spelling "womyn" was never

from NOW (which is a basically moderate organization), but from

various radical lesbians.

In Miami there was a period when NOW was controlled by a radical faction,

but if you check my original post I attributed "womyn" to the radical


And at least here in New York, we have both vocational schools, which

teach people to be train drivers or airline mechanics, and alternative

schools, which help people graduate from high school, and neither of

these is the same as a reform school: nobody is sentenced to either

because they've committed a crime.

Of course I understand the difference between vocational and alternative

schools. Whether some students are given a chance or alternative to

successfully attend an alternative school or be subject to a more

punitive possibility is a matter of debate.

And in case Seth cares, some people

really do have thyroid problems. Fortunately, it's an easily treated

matter. And if it really makes him happier to think of a 400-pound`

woman as a fat slob, that's his problem.

I never used the term fat slob. I'm curious how you

made that connection.

Although I consider myself intellectually sensitive, I realize that

my humor tends to be less sensitive and if anyone becomes offended

I apologize. In my postings I try to be stimulating, a bit provocative

and give food for thought. Since I read and reply late at night I

might occasionally shoot from the hip and have second thoughts in the

morning. I'm always open to constructive criticism and willing to

be corrected.


Seth Sklarey