Date: Tue, 21 Nov 1995 22:08:45 -0500

From: James C Stalker stalker[AT SYMBOL GOES HERE]PILOT.MSU.EDU

Subject: Re: Turkish Language - Melungeon que

In a November 12th edition of the Louisville Courier-Journal there is an

article on the Melungeons (a people of dark complexion and uncertain orgin

from the Tennesee-Kentucky-Virginia border) and it quotes Dr. Brent

Kennedy, author of THE MELUNGEONS, as saying that the word Melungeon "is

Turkish, meaning "Abandoned by God." "

Is there such an expression in Turkish, and how close is it to sounding

like "Melungeon?"

According to my Concise Turkish Dictionary, melekuttu means 'God's spiritual

dominion; creation.' In Turkish, it wouldn't sound much like 'melungeon.'

He also says that "gaumy" meand "messed up" in Turkish, and that "guamed

up" is an old expression in areas where the Melungeons live.

Gamli (no dot over the i) means 'sorrowful, grieved; anxious.' I guess one

could extend from there. I will seek further info.