Date: Mon, 20 Nov 1995 11:00:49 -0600

From: Katherine Catmull kate[AT SYMBOL GOES HERE]BGA.COM

Subject: Re: PC Language

Wayne Glowka wrote:

We can't call the dorms

anything but "residence halls."

Good heavens, what do they do to you if you slip up and call them dorms??

To my real topic: is the term "PC" still an insult? I ask because it's an

expression I've never felt comfortable with and never fully, I think,


For example, in this discussion, I kind of like some of the terms & ideas

listed as PC ("diversity," for example), and feel neutral about others

(dorm --- residence hall, checkup--- wellness check), while others

(procurement----- purchasing) strike me as foolish and comical.

Does this mean I'm a hopeless lefty, or what? I guess what I'm asking is

whether the term PC can only be used meaningfully within a group of

people with essentially similar political views. I don't know whether

this is the case; I'm genuinely asking.

I should add that I'm familiar with the phenomenon of the politically

narrow-minded. I recently played the role of Ruth in Pinter's _The

Homecoming._ I was criticized by a conservative religious acquintance for

playing a slut, and by a liberal acquaintance for performing in a play

she considered misogynist.

Both these readings of the play struck me as shallow and cripplingly

limited; but is one "PC" and the other not? Why? And what about my other

lefty and feminist friends who are for multi-culturalism but happen to

like Pinter? _Is_ there a clear definition of what's "PC" (and bad) and

what's not?

Kate Catmull kate[AT SYMBOL GOES HERE]