Date: Mon, 13 Nov 1995 12:23:39 CST


Subject: Re: More on "nigger rich"

Volume III of DARE will have these citations for "nigger rich":

c1930 Swann _Lang. Circus Lot_ 13, _Nigger rich:_ One who spends money


1941 Corle _Desert Country_ 49, There is in the temperament of the American

Negro..the urge and desire to burst forth from a more or less restricted

social status into kingship--into being Caesar, czar, sultan, dictator. The

stultified ego has, naturally, a tendency to express the counterpart. This

manifestation of the human psyche has led to the vernacular expression

"nigger rich."

1968-70 _DARE_ (Qu. U37,.._Somebody who has plenty of money_) Inf CA113,

Nigger rich--somebody who's just made a lot and is flashing it

around--common word here; (Qu. W40,.._A woman who overdresses or..spends too

much on clothes_) Inf KS12, Nigger rich; (Qu. HH35, _A woman who puts on a

lot of airs: "She's too _______ for me."_) Inf PA245, Nigger rich--acting

like she just got rich but it's only a few bucks.

1986 Pederson _LAGS Concordance_, 1 inf, nwMS, Nigger rich--making money,

spending it immediately.

So the phrase is definitely "out there." Remember that we don't endorse it,

we only report it!

Joan Hall