Date: Sun, 12 Nov 1995 20:08:27 -0500


Subject: Re: near rich

On Sun, 12 Nov 1995, David Bergdahl wrote:

Could it be that the senator's mishearing was due to a lenis glottal stop to

separate the two syllables of r-less NEAR: [ni?[AT SYMBOL GOES HERE]] with ?=g.s & [AT SYMBOL GOES HERE]=schwa I'm

a hundred miles upstream from Louisville but that articulation isn't totally

foreign to my ear.

I guess it could be but when I heard the broadcast I think it was a

simple matter of physical noise on the line. And the senator is over 70

so maybe he just can't hear very well. I don't think there was anything

linguistic about his pronunciation, but I think the fact that he used the

taboo term is the issue -- sociolinguitic I would say.

Al Futrell

-- awfutr01[AT SYMBOL GOES HERE]


Dept of Communication -- University of Louisville