Date: Thu, 9 Nov 1995 10:09:57 -0500


Subject: Re: Back to "Bite me"

This offers no explanation to the phrase "Bite me", but does show its

acceptance. In today's Ziggy cartoon, for those of you unfortunate to have it

carried in your local newspaper, Ziggy is shown sitting in front of a computer

terminal with "Byte Me" in large letters displayed on the screen.

-- Jim

Here in La La land where I reside, the Miami Herald (which is so hated by

thinking locals it doesn't even have a funny name), has bowed so low to

political correctness that it doesn't carry ANY macho cartoon strips of

note, and even cancelled Callahan. I long for the days of Dick Tracy,

the Phantom, Li'l Abner & Pogo (who I barely understood).

My all time favorites were Vaughn Bode (is he still alive?) who appeared

in the East Village Other and Gothic Blimp Works, and R. Crumb the all-time

master about whom they have recently done a great, thought provoking movie

concerning the thread of family insanity.

Is there any way we could pass around cartoons?


I also long for the complete set of Amos & Andy video tapes, which someone

has locked in a vault. The complete three stooges would be a nice birthday

or Christmas present too.

Seth Sklarey

Wittgenstein School of the Unwritten Word

Coconut Grove, Florida