Date: Wed, 1 Nov 1995 23:12:50 -0800

From: Rima & Kim McKinzey rkm[AT SYMBOL GOES HERE]SLIP.NET

Subject: Re: folk/folklore

You wrote the long list, here's my response - NYC born & bred, Calif. more

than half my life now. Rima

psalm /sam/ salmon /saemuhn/ salmonella /salmuhneluh/

psaltery /sawltuhree/ sultry /sultree/ salty /sawltee/ saltine /sawlteen/

Faulk /fawlk/ Faulkner /fawknuhr/ Falcons /faelkuhnz/ falcon /faelkuhn,

fawl-/ falconry /fawlkuhnree/

fowl fowler foul fouler: all /fowl../

palm Palmer palmate pommade napalm: all /pam../

shelf /shelf/ chef /shef/ shelf-liner /shelf.../

balm bomb: /bam/

Bub /bub/ bulb /bulb/

pap /paep/ palpitation /paelpitayshuhn/

pup /pup/ pulp /pulp/

folk folks folklore folkdance folksong folksy: all /fok/

poke /pok/ pork /pawrk/ with a not very strong r Polk /pok/

poultry /poltree/ paltry /paawltree/ poetry /po-itree/

poultice /poltis/ poetess /po-itis/

walk /wawk/ wok /wak/

hep (as in "hep-cat") /hep/ help helper helpful: all /help.../

Alps Albert Alfred: all /ael.../

Camellia Amelia: /(k)uhmeelyuh/

altitude /aelti../ attitude /ati.../

all /awl/ Al /ael/ already "Al ready?" /awlredee, awredee/

y'all /yawl/ yawl /yawl/ yowl /yowl/

hall /hawl/ howl /howl/ Howell /howuhl/

pull /pul/ pool /pool/

bow (as in "bow tie) /bo/ bowl bowling bowler: all /bol.../

mall maul: both /mawl/ mallet /maelit/ malt /mawlt/

molt /molt/ moat /mot/

cold /kold/ code /kod/

hit /hit/ hilt /hilt/

sick/sik/ silk /silk/ sicky /sikee/ silky /silkee/

filters /filtuhrz/ fitters /fituhrs/

melt /melt/ met /met/