Date: Tue, 29 Nov 1994 17:27:33 CST


Subject: Re: LaserIPA software

I've been using Linguist Software's laser fonts for several years and have

had no problems -- other than the fact that it doesn't have a thorn. You do

have to add 0.04 kerning to get the hachek right over the j, and add

0.01 to get it right over the c. I use IPARoman to go with Times; good match.

I've also found that in PageMaker 5.0 square brackets and virgules get too

close to some of the symbols, but that can be cleaned up by means of

kerning. You can also ligature symbols by doing negative kerning. What you

can do, of course, depends on your printer and printer driver software. The

Tech Help guy is someone in Tennessee with some linguistics background; he

works with biblical texts and needs a variety of fonts. (He may be in KY

rather than TN.) DMLance