Date: Mon, 28 Nov 1994 10:31:28 -0400


Subject: Offensive Sayings "from" PEI -- post THREE

Though responses are tailing off a bit -- that could be good news or

bad -- this checklist for sayings OUTSIDE THE ATLANTIC PROVINCES OF

CANADA OR THE NEW ENGLAND STATES to be eliminated from Appendix of

dictionary in progress of Prince Edward Island sayings, responses to


comma, continues to be a good idea. Thank you all. One more post to

go after this one. Don't hold your breath. Do hold your nose:

53. Did your mother have any children who lived? (stupid)

54. lucky as a shithouse rat (any irony here?)

55. too mean to give their shit to the crows

56. like picking pepper out of flyshit with boxing gloves on (tedious)

57. to pinch a loaf (defecate)

58. to pull a rat (expose penis)

59. They would save a gas fart in a bottle (cheap)

60. They wouldn't say 'barnyard' in case there was shit in it.


61. to feel like a shithouse mouse (poorly)

62. They would shit if they were well-fed (put-down for boaster)

63. Who shit in your cornflakes? (bad mood)

64. so full of shit their eyes are turning brown

65. to stick like shit to the bottom of your shoe (immovable)

66. They could shit through a screen door. (diarrhea)

67. They could shit through a straw. (ditto)

68. They could shit through the eye of a darning needle.

69. to be still shitting yellow (naive)

70. slick as shit and twice as clean (plausible)

71. slippery as six fat eels in a bucket of snot (tricky)

72. sour as piss (mood, I think)

73. to stick like shit on the wall (same as 65, or pals together)