Date: Tue, 22 Nov 1994 00:11:32 -0800

From: "Joseph B. Monda" monda[AT SYMBOL GOES HERE]SEATTLEU.EDU

Subject: Re: "All-purpose tag ain' so?

I remember that in and around Milwaukee WI in 1949-51, folks would end a

statement with [en[AT SYMBOL GOES HERE]] ([AT SYMBOL GOES HERE] is a schwa). I don't think it was a contraction

fro "ain't it." I had the feeling that it was a foreign word or phrase

--possible German maybe Polish, that performed the function of "nicht

wahr." But I was young and twenty. No use to ask me to pay attention.

The Milwaukee Germans kept a lot of German constructions and words in

their dialect. They pronounced Schroeder "shrader," and like that.

I suppose that's all gone, with "make the light out," et al.

Joe Monda

On Mon, 21 Nov 1994, THOMAS CLARK wrote:

Dear Joan,

Is this the same as "i'nnit" in various British productions: "It's the

same over there as here, innit?"

I seem to recall Inspector Morse saying, "Well, I don't know, do I?

It's my job, innit?"

On Mon, 21 Nov 1994, Joan Hall wrote:

DARE will include this in Volume III at _inso_ (contraction of "isn't it

so?"). I'll send you what we've found, Don.

Joan Hall