Date: Sat, 19 Nov 1994 17:10:15 PST

From: "CAVEMAN -- San Bernardino, Calif. USA" cjcoker[AT SYMBOL GOES HERE]CSUPOMONA.EDU

Subject: Re: metadata

Metadata is a term used in database systems design. Metadata is, for example,

the data describing your database -- the data dictionary. It is, as

Allen Metcalf pointed out, data about data. If anyone wants a detailed

explanation of metadata and what in means in real life -- you ALL probably

use it (indirectly) without realizing so -- feel free to contact me

personally and I'll give a short tutorial. (I give short tutorials to

people on CARR-L (Computer Aided Reporting and Research) all the time.)

Hope this helps some. I missed the original question, so excuse me if

this is a redunudant answer.

Chuck Coker