Date: Tue, 8 Nov 1994 11:51:00 CST


Subject: NAMES

Last week I sent a message announcing two special issues

of NAMES - on computers and on statistics in onomastic

research and asked for contributions. The responses have been

enlightening, to say the least. I had not known that NAMES was

less known that it should be. Several people wrote to ask what

it was, what it dealt with, what was onomastics, etc. I thought

that the best way to introduce NAMES to members of the list would

be to give some general background and then present the tables of

contents from the last several issues. So here goes:

NAMES is the journal of the American Name Society. Now in its 42nd

year of continuous publication, NAMES publishes articles, short

notices and book reviews on all aspects of names and naming -

personal names, geographical names, uses of names, changing

patterns of names, conflicts involving names, names and

naming in literature, etc,etc. NAMES is a fully-refereed journal;

each submission is read by at least two qualified reviewers.

Tables of Contents follow - please make allowances for the

mainframe defaults which replace the diacritics and other

unreadable characters:


The Journal of the American Name Society

Volume 41 June 1993 Number 2


Nicknames in Urban China:

A Two-Tiered Model Robert L. Moore 67

Taking Thy Husband's Name:

What Might it Mean? Deborah A. Duggan,

Albert A. Cota, Kenneth L. Dion 87

Yahoo (Yahu): Notes on the Name

of Swift's Yahoos Richard Crider 103

In Memoriam

Margaret M. Bryant Leonard R. N. Ashley 111

Book Reviews

Acronymania: A Celebratory Roundup of

Nomenclature-Yielding Mischief.

By Don Hauptman Leonard R. N. Ashley 117

P~!jmen! v sou~asn ~e~tin~.

By Miloslava Knappov Ladislav Zgusta 120

The Book of African Names.

By Molefi Kete Asante

What's in a Name? Unaitwaje?

By Sharifa M. Zawawi

African Names: Names from the

African Continent for Children and Adults.

By Julia Stewart Edwin D. Lawson 128

Historia del nombre y de la fundaci"n

de M xico. By Gutierre Tib"n Ilan Stavans 131

Claims to Name: Toponyms of St. Lawrence County.

Edited by Kelsie B. Harder

and Mary H. Smallman Robert M. Rennick 135


The Journal of the American Name Society

Volume 41 September 1993 Number 3


Names and Naming Tell an Archetypal Story

in Margaret Atwood's

The Handmaid's Tale Charlotte Templin 143

Power and Placenames: A Case Study

From the Contemporary

Amazon Frontier J. Timmons Roberts 159

A Pair of Desert Saints:

Name Symbolism

in Peter Shaffer's Equus Hassell Simpson 183

In Memoriam

Michel Grimaud Lawrence M. Baldwin 195

Book Reviews, W.F.H. Nicolaisen


Edited by Lars Huld n 197

County Down III: The Mournes.

Edited by M!che l B. ~ Mainn!n 198

The Place-Names of Shetland.

By Jakob Jakobsen 199

Reader zur Namenkunde II: Anthroponymie.

Edited by Friedhelm Debus and Wilfried Seibi201

Das Vermessungsprotokoll f r das

Kirchspiel Ibbenb ren von 1604/05.

By G nter M ller 204

Philologie der ltesten Ortsnamen berlieferung.

Edited by Rudolf Sch tzeichel 206

West Lothian Place Names.

By John Garth Wilkinson 209

Copyright ~ 1993 by The American Name Society

ISSN 0027-7738


The Journal of the American Name Society

Volume 42 March 1994 Number 1


Designer Selves in Tom Wolfe's

The Bonfire of the Vanities and

Danielle Steel's Crossings Hildegard Hoeller 1

Multilingual Gods Anna Partington 13

Parisian Street Names in

George Du Maurier's Trilby Elizabeth A. Hait 19

Name, Memory, and Time in

Racine's Trojan War Plays Nancy M. McElveen 27

Book Reviews

Jewish Personal Names: Their Origin,

Derivation and Diminutive Forms.

By Shmuel Gorr David L. Gold 39

Apellidos catalanes: Her ldica de Catalunya.

By Augusto Cuartas David L. Gold 55

Studies in Third Millennium Sumerian and

Akkadian Personal Names: The Designation

and Conception of a Personal God.

By Robert A. Di Vito Juris G. Lidaka 61

The Ancient and Modern Names of

The Channel Islands: A Linguistic History.

By Richard Coates Leonard R. N. Ashley 65

Copyright ~ 1994 by The American Name Society

ISSN 0027-7738


The Journal of the American Name Society

Volume 42 September 1994 Number 3


Naming Patterns of Recent Immigrants from the


Soviet Union to Israel

Edwin D. Lawson and Irina Glushkovskaya 157

Reading the ~Deep Talk~ of Literary Names and


Debra Walker King 181

In Memoriam

Clarence L. Barnhart E. Wallace McMullen 201

Donald Thomas Clark Lurline H. Coltharp 204

Book Reviews

Language in Contemporary Society. Ed. by Jesse

Levitt, et. al.

Gaylord R. Haas 206

Kentucky~s Bluegrass: A Survey of the Post


By Robert M. Rennick. Kelsie B. Harder 209

Native Canadian Geographical Names: An

Annotated Bibliography. Kelsie B. Harder 212

The Guinness Book of Names, 6th ed. By Leslie


Frank Nuessel 213

Beyond Jennifer & Jason. By Linda Rosenkrantz


Pamela Redmond Satran.Cleveland Kent Evans 215

The Twelve Days of Christmas: The Mystery and

the Meaning.

By Thomas L. Bernard. Kelsie B. Harder 222

Dictionary of Russian Personal Names. By Morton


Ladislav Zgusta 223

George Washington Never Slept Here: Stories


the Street Names of Washington, D.C. By Amy


Richard R. Randall 225

Stories Behind the Street Names of Nashville and


By Denise Strub. Kelsie B. Harder 228

War Slang: American Fighting Words from the Civil


to the Present. By Paul Dickson.Kelsie B. Harder 231

Copyright ~ 1994 by The American Name Society

ISSN 0027-7738

NAMES welcomes manuscripts on any aspect(s) of names or naming.

Potential contributors need not be members of the American Name

Society to submit manuscripts.

I you would like to contribute to one or both of the special

issues, send an idea paper of not more than one page to the editor.

If you would like to submit a manuscript for a regular issue, send

three copies to the editor. For additional information about the

journal or the Society, or for a free copy of NAMES, write to the


Edward Callary

Editor, NAMES

English Department

Northern Illinois University

DeKalb, Il 60115