Date: Tue, 1 Nov 1994 14:10:36 PST

From: "Jim Ague, ague[AT SYMBOL GOES HERE], Col Spgs,


Subject: Re: offending idioms

The term African-American referring to blacks of African heritage, reminds me

of a good friend of mine and his wife who have recently moved back to Zimbabwe.

They were both born in Northern Rhodesia about 40 years ago, before the country

became Zimbabwe. When they reached their 20's, they travelled to England and

worked there for a few years before moving to the US.

While here, he received his US citizenship, and of course considered himself a

true African-American, born in one, naturalized in the other. The twist to the

story is that Darryl, and Mattie, were descendants of British Colonialists that

had settled in in Northern Rhodesia several generations ago.

-- Jim