Date: Fri, 17 May 1996 10:39:09 EDT From: "Steven K. Brehe" Subject: Re: Yuz > aunt who has lived in Southeast Missouri her entire life says >"yuz" as= > in, "Yuz want to come back to the house for some cake?" The pronunciatio= > n is between schwa and a "oo" in "foot". She uses it for singular and plu= > ral. I grew up in rural east central Missouri, west of St. Louis, and never, ever heard "Yuz" from native Missourians, although I certainly heard "youse" in Illinois, esp. in the Chicago area. (I must confess I don't know SE MO very well.) Is it possible your aunt in eastern MO picked up this usage from friends in western IL? Steven Brehe sbrehe[AT SYMBOL GOES HERE]