Date: Thu, 16 May 1996 14:28:16 CDT From: Randy Roberts Subject: Streaking--1960s A UPI story which appeared in the San Francisco Chronicle, 8 April 1965, page 8, reads: ═Boulder, Colorado▀ This spring's fad on the University of Colorado campus is called 'streaking.' It means running naked through a public gathering." The rest of this story relates that UC students who streaked in Mazatlan, Mexico, in March, were chased by police and shot at. Five students were arrested and spent two days in jail without clothes. Herb Caen's column which appeared in the San Francisco Chronicle of 18 September 1967, page 27, reads: "If you're in Sausalito one of these nights, and some guy with no clothes on runs past, fast as hell, your're seeing a 'streaker.' It's a contest, called 'Streaking,' that started a few years ago on the campuses, and seems to be reviving. The idea is to be seen naked by as many people as possible without getting caught; . . ." Hope this helps. Randy Roberts University of Missouri-Columbia robertsr[AT SYMBOL GOES HERE]