Date: Mon, 13 May 1996 16:02:12 PDT From: Duane Campbell Subject: Re: RE>Meanwhile, back at the ranch... >From: Kathleen M. O'Neill >Meanwhile, back at the ranch... >Is anyone else familiar with the above phrase? It goes back to silent movies, at least. You would see the posse chasing the rustlers across the range, then a screen would come on -- white on black -- saying "Meanwhile, back at the ranch . . ." and the film would cut to the guy with the black moustache putting the moves on the school marm. (My spell checker says that's a "school marmot", but that must be for more progressive schools than I attended.) As a cliche, it was still popular in horse operas of the forties. Duane Campbell dcamp[AT SYMBOL GOES HERE] In the beginning the Earth was without form and void. Why didn't they leave well enough alone?