Date: Mon, 13 May 1996 15:22:23 -0400 From: "Dale F.Coye" Subject: Re: intrusive or unintrusive /l/ In a message dated 96-05-11 20:54:31 EDT, you write: >Last night, Jerry and Kramer think that the man they see at the club >is Salman Rushdie. Later, Kramer tells Jerry it is Rushdie. He's sure >because when he asked the man his name, the man said he was "Sal Bass", >n >and that he's a writer. Kramer says Rushdie's substituting ═baes▀ for >═saem[AT SYMBOL GOES HERE]n▀ ([AT SYMBOL GOES HERE] = schwa), which is clever because he's kept it as a fish. I saw it too, and Jerry was quick to point out to Kramer that his theory was stupid because its pronounced SAM not SAL, but I was reminded that I knew this guy from NYC who did say SAL m[AT SYMBOL GOES HERE]n, and how surprised I was by that. Was this an idiosyncracy or is it more widespread? Dale Coye The Carnegie Foundation for the Advancement of Teaching Princeton