Date: Fri, 10 May 1996 21:47:20 EDT From: Larry Horn Subject: Re: a completely unangry response.. >From Bryan: >Another handy affix is the "-y" ending, giving us "OGRY" (not to >be confused with "ogrish"). >N.B.: This works only inasmuch as the "-y" ending is a >productive one in English (it certainly is for the last week I've >heard: "This shake is very banana-y," and "This table is more desky >than.." >Not to mention the subject heading of "Texan-y" on this very list the >day before yesterday). _______________________________________ "He has to be the most derivative French painter I've ever seen. His still lifes are downright Braquy, his interiors completely Matissy, and his nudes totally Ingry." Larry