Date: Thu, 9 May 1996 08:41:37 EDT From: Larry Horn Subject: Re: packy? To support Alice's intuition, I can confirm that 'package store' is standard here but 'packy' inextant. Of course, it's hard to know that a form REALLY doesn't occur, but I've never encountered it in 15 years in the same South- Central Connecticut regional area as Alice's. I also don't remember 'packy' from a couple of years spent in Mass. in the '70's, but I do recall that 'package store' is somehow MORE standard there than here, although here it's used interchangeably with liquor store. People I know always opt for the latter unregional variant. Of course not all liquor stores are package stores: Warehouse Liquors, Liquor Land, etc.--the ones that are more like supermarkets --are not package stores (much less packies). Oh, if you were wondering, we don't call them 'lickies' either. Larry