Date: Wed, 17 May 1995 10:17:33 -0500 From: "Bethany Dumas, UTK" Subject: Teaser re Intro to Ling I have now received some (but not all) of my students' evaluations of my Ling 200 course this Spring semester. I'll wait to summarize everything, but I thought I'd share a couple of things now: 1. No one mentioned the book Linguistics (Akmajian et al.)l, but several students waxed enthusiastic about LF. 2. They liked doing and hearing class reports (on research papers) and asked for more of them. 3. They said that they learned more doing take-home tests than they would have from "cramming" for in-class tests. 4. My favorite, crystal-clear, no doubt about the student's meaning comment: "Phonology sucks." Bethany