Date: Tue, 9 May 1995 08:27:49 -0500 From: "Becky Howard, Department of Interdisciplinary Writing, Colgate University" Subject: Re: Linguistics in the Core Curriculum Wayne, Colgate University offers only one linguistics course per se. It's Sociolinguistics, and it's offered in the writing department and cross-listed with Sociology and Anthropology which means that yes, it counts for social science credit. Also in our Writing curriculum is a theory course called "Language and Gender," which is not taught by a linguist but which uses linguistics texts; it is cross-listed with Women's Studies. A third course is "Language, Race, and Ethnicity," taught by a linguist but an interdisciplinary course using linguistics, critical theory, etc. It cross-lists with the majors in African American and Latin American Studies. And fourth, we have a psychology course, "Psychology and Language," which is primarily psycholinguistics; it counts for *science* credit, since the psychology dept. at our university is classified with the natural sciences rather than social sciences! Becky Howard Department of Interdisciplinary Writing Colgate Universi