Date: Fri, 5 May 1995 17:00:42 -0700 From: Peter McGraw Subject: Re: Anodyne expletives On Fri, 5 May 1995, Stephanie Hysmith wrote: > Ohio University Electronic Communication > > > Date: 05-May-1995 01:11pm EST > > To: Remote Addressee ( _mx%"ads-l[AT SYMBOL GOES HERE]" ) > > From: Stephanie Hysmith Dept: English > HYSMITH Tel No: 614-593-2743 > > Subject: Anodyne expletives > > > Elaine Green reporte her mother as saying "sugar foot" and asked if people had > other expressions from Eastern Shore, Baltimore, or DC. An inlaw's father, now > 90, who is half Dutch-half German, grew up in Baltimore. His German mother used > to use the expressions: sow's ear, mule ear, dumb ass and asel. He believed the > latter to be German for ass-hole, although I don't think Germans ever refer > specifically to that orifice. > > Stephanie Hysmith > > This is my first List message, so please forgive me if I commit any faux-pas. > > > > > Received: 05-May-1995 01:11pm > German "Esel" [ez[AT SYMBOL GOES HERE]l] simply means "donkey". What *I* wonder is whether this could possibly be the source [via folk etymology and admittedly quite a bit of phone substitution] of the cruder English term. Peter McGraw Linfield College McMinnville, OR