Date: Fri, 5 May 1995 09:30:03 EDT From: Larry Horn Subject: Re: negatives and positives First, apologies to David Muschell, whose earlier reference to the New Yorker piece I evidently tected. But let me also ward off any sequels to his citation of words that have antithetical meanings. This topic has been unofficially crowned "Longest Running Thread" on Linguist List (we also talked about it here a while back, as I recall). Anyone interested in the 30 or so separate collections of postings to Linguist of what I call antilogies but others call variously "auto-antonyms" or (in what became the standard header) "Words That Are Their Own Opposites" can check out the Linguist List archives for the period from November '94 (when Alex Eulenberg first posted the query) to April 10. PLEASE, everyone, for the sake of those of us who trawl both Linguist and ads, let's NOT start posting on this again here (he mutters under his breath) ... Larry