End of ADS-L Digest - 27 May 1994 to 28 May 1994 ************************************************ There are 4 messages totalling 70 lines in this issue. Topics of the day: 1. American English Grammar - Fries 2. Truce Terms (3) ---------------------------------------------------------------------- Date: Mon, 30 May 1994 13:45:29 CDT From: "Krahn, Al" Subject: American English Grammar - Fries Clayton The subtitle of the Charles Carpenter Fries book (Appleton-Century- Crofts, 1940) is The Grammatical Structure of Present-Day American English with Especial Reference to Social Differences or Class Dialects. In Chapt. 3 he alludes to three thousand letters from "certain files of informal correspondence in the possession of the United States Goverment" as the source of the study. Also, copies of the letters are on deposit at the University of Michigan Library. Only handwritten (not typed) letters were used. Some demographic information was also available about the writers of the letters, such as date and place of birth of the writer and the writer's parents, addresses, records of schooling, occupations, and in some cases confidential reports on the families! I'm glad you brought this up. It made me read that chapter, something I probably skipped in the past. AKRA Albert E. Krahn E-Mail AKRA[AT SYMBOL GOES HERE]MUSIC.LIB.MATC.EDU Division of Lib. Arts and Sciences Fax 414/297-7990 Milwaukee Area Technical College Ph (H) 414/476-4025 Milwaukee, WI 53233-1443 Ph (W) 414/297-6519