Date: Fri, 27 May 1994 16:43:53 -0700 From: Rudy Troike Subject: Earliest reference to "Mooning" From: UACCIT::SEISNER "Sigmund Eisner" 14-MAY-1994 11:22 To: RTROIKE CC: SEISNER Subj: And what do you make of this one? From: Kathleen Kelly Subject: RE: "Piled," monkeys, baboons, etc. Sender: Chaucer Discussion Group To: Multiple recipients of list CHAUCER > > To follow up with respect to the baldness of simian rear ends: > > One of my favorite passages in all of Chaucer occurs in the Parson's Tale > De superbia concerning the superfluity of clothing and scantness of > clothing: > > Allas, somme of hem shewen the boce of hir shape and the horrible > swollen membres that semeth lik the maladie of hirnia, in the > wrappynge of hir hoses, / and eek the buttokes of hem faren as it > were the hyndre part of a she-ape in the fulle of the mone. > (X 423-24) > yes, one of my favorites, too--so I'll ask a question I asked several months ago--what *is* the earliest attested use of the verb "to moon"--wouldn't it be too wonderful if this sophomoric in-your-face (excuse me) activity was related to ancient and medieval ape lore? Kathleen Kelly Rudy, what do you or your group make of this one? What is the earliest usage of the current verb "to moon"? I learned it in my old age, but it may well have been around for a while. Sig