Date: Fri, 27 May 1994 13:05:39 -0400 From: Robert Kelly Subject: Re: Red Rover Ringaleavio (if we spelled it at all) was the big-time hide and seek game, bases and safety areas and huge areas of turf covered, block after block. Little kids yearned to play it, but were confined to hide and seek and the like. NY in the 1940s, when all the teenage boys were in the army, and the subteens, the essential _kids_ dominated the streets, with little to fear except merchants and policemen. What characterized ringaleavio in my experience (waiting to be old enough to play, then playing) was the large investment of space and time, an all-day game sometimes in July and August, full of real aggressions and deceptions. My memories are vague, but not all sweet, by any means. Grogan, the late Yippie leader, had a novel called RINGALEAVIO a couple of decades back, wch I never read, but sounded promising. rk