Date: Wed, 25 May 1994 07:36:21 -0400 From: Ellen Johnson Subject: Re: Anty, anty I over? My mother, age 58, played that game when she was growing up in West Georgia. They called it "Hand Me Over" and had the same rules about running around the house to tag the other person IF you caught the ball. (But since the other team couldn't see around the house, it was really easy to cheat, she said.) She doesn't remember anything about "pig tail" if it didn't make it over the roof. My father grew up in Atlanta and never played it. We only played when my mother suggested it; I don't remember my other friends knowing it. I also don't remember any games like the "pile-on" y'all have been describing. Can't say that I regret not playing it. Ellen JOhnson ellenj[AT SYMBOL GOES HERE]