Date: Tue, 24 May 1994 10:17:28 EST From: Tracey McHenry Subject: Alaska versions of pile and soda If anyone cares, growing up in Anchorage AK in the early 70's I would play King of the Hill (or Queen actually) on big piles of snow , which would referred to as 'berms' although I don't know if this is the term others use. Thes soda vs pop vs other terms discussion fascinates me because I truly cannot remember what I said "naturally" in AK. I suspect that I said pop, but after 3 years of college in Portland OR I was forced into using 'soda' in order to escape ridicule from my many Hawaiian friends. Does anyone have any info, first hand or otherwise, on the use of these terms in the West and/or Northwest? It seems to me that anything goes, except tonic. Tracey McHenry Purdue University English Department PS I have never heard anyone in AK or OR, for that matter, say brown cow or anyhting else like that in reference to ice cream drinks. It was always 'float' or 'soda'. ***************************************************************************** Tracey McHenry mchenry[AT SYMBOL GOES HERE] "You must do the thing you think you cannot do." --Eleanor Roosevelt