Date: Fri, 20 May 1994 17:26:45 CDT From: Mike Picone Subject: Re: Soda fountain memories If my memory serves me well, growing up in Chicagoland in the 50-60's, we had black cows, coke floats, and green rivers, whose respective ingredients were vanilla ice cream floating in root beer, coke, and 7-Up. Now the interesting thing about coke floats is that is provides some counter evidence to the claim that coke should be legally protected as a trade-mark name for Coca Cola. For any type of cola (including Royal Crown, which we has a lot of in Chgo) could serve as a base for a coke float, and no one ever would have been caught dead saying "cola float." (So what would you say to that, Bethany, if you're tuned in?) Mike Picone University of Alabama