Date: Thu, 19 May 1994 14:37:31 -0700 From: David Prager Branner Subject: Spring chicken Many people have suggested "pullet" for 'young "virgin" hen', which is not exactly the word I had in mind. A hen can be a pullet even after she begins laying; I am looking for a word meaning a hen that has not yet begun brooding. There is a Chinese word for this that is very important in dialectology, but I have never found a way to express it in English except with a long explanation. Chinese value this kind of bird because it is extremely tasty - actually, I have never eaten this kind of meat in the United States, only in China. My informants there say that it is not the laying of eggs but brooding that causes the taste of the meat to change. Since "spring chickens" are famous in the West for their fine taste (which I have never sampled, to my sorrow), it seemed to me that this might be a closer word than "pullet". But a spring chicken can be male, too, can't it? How about a word for a "virgin" sow? Is there such a word in English? It is faily common in the Hakka areas of Fwujiann. David Prager Branner Asian Languages and Literature University of Washington, DO-21 Seattle, WA 98195