Date: Thu, 19 May 1994 10:28:30 CDT From: Randy Roberts Subject: Re: mooning I haven't seen any replies to this query. Apologies if others have answered with earlier cites or if the printed sources are more helpful. The earliest use I found is the 27 August 1963 issue of Look, page 18. ". . . a game called mooning. Three or four boys will crouch down in a car, lower their trousers and, at a signal, push their bare bottoms out of every available window. This pastime originated about two years ago in southern California and has crossed the country: it has now turned up in Florida." See also March 1965 issue of Holiday, page 44. From the January 1966 issue of Esquire, page 60, comes ". . . there are even some girls who enjoy throwing a moon now and then, just for the hell of it or maybe to strike a blow for academic freedom . . ." I found all of the info above in our collection of Scott, Foresman and Company files. The cites were collected by Clarence Barnhart and Ethel Strainchamps. Randy Roberts Univ. of Missouri-Columbia robertsr[AT SYMBOL GOES HERE] ______________________________ Reply Separator _________________________________ Subject: mooning Author: kakelly[AT SYMBOL GOES HERE]LYNX.DAC.NEU.EDU at INTERNET-EXT Date: 5/13/94 11:41 PM colleagues--can anyone provide info on the earliest attested use of the term "mooning"--the defiant showing of buttocks, usually at figures of authority, by adolescent types? Thanks, Kathleen Kelly