Date: Tue, 17 May 1994 09:52:25 CDT From: Randy Roberts Subject: Re: Spring chicken Try the word pullet. Randy Roberts Univ. of Missouri-Columbia robertsr[AT SYMBOL GOES HERE] ______________________________ Reply Separator _________________________________ Subject: Spring chicken Author: charmii[AT SYMBOL GOES HERE]U.WASHINGTON.EDU at INTERNET-EXT Date: 5/17/94 3:13 AM Does anyone know any real English words (modern or obsolete) meaning "spring chicken" - i.e., a "young adult" chicken, no longer a baby chick. This is the youngest chicken that can be eaten conveniently and it has very succulent flesh, hence many cultures have special words for them. I am especially interested in finding a word for a young hen that has not yet brooded. Any suggestions? David Prager Branner Asian Languages and Literature University of Washington, DO-21 Seattle, WA 98195